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Utility Demand Charges

Energy Savings

     At Wilson HVAC Company we understand our customers concerns with demand charges on their monthly utility bills. There are several building automation control systems that can reliably monitor many HVAC systems potentially saving repair costs as well as operating costs. With performance testing on the equipment, Wilson HVAC Company can provide vital information on the condition of your equipment, and why it may or which piece of equipment may not be the cause in spikes in your electric usage. Spikes in electric usage cause the demand charges on your utility bills. For instance, one power spike at the wrong time can cause peak demand charge rates that could increase your costs for the entire year.  

     Using power quality analyzer equipment, Wilson HVAC Company can test and monitor your electrical system. We look at many factors including power factor and your performance. After a thorough evaluation we can then engineer an appropriate control system to minimize maintenance and operating costs. In many cases a payback can be as short as 12 to 36 months.

     Using thermal imaging camera equipment, Wilson HVAC Company can also look at your energy loss to your building and the HVAC system. We also use this equipment to look at potential problems with the electrical system.

     In summary, we are a full service HVAC and electrical specialist company that can design and engineer the HVAC and electrical system as well as installing and servicing its equipment.

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