Residential Maintenance Contract

Residential starting at $245
Commercial on bid contract

Maintenance contracts help prolong the life of your heating and cooling systems which can cut down on costly repairs.

Annual maintenance on your equipment can provide vital information on the condition of your equipment as well as why it may or which piece of equipment may not be the cause of spikes in your electric usage causing extra demand charges on our utitliy bills.

Our highly skilled HVAC professionals provide repairs to you with up to date industry knowledge giving you the peace of mind your equipment will operate safely within its design. When updates or retro fit parts are needed, you can be sure

Wilson HVAC Company will provide prompt replacement parts and service using testing tools to ensure your equipment will keep your heat & cooling in peak operating condition.

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Cooling checkup

  • Air Conditioner power line & voltage check
  • Observe contactor for wear
  • Clean outdoor condensor unit with CO2 or water if needed
  • Repair exterior suction line insulation
  • Record current draw on condensor fan
  • Record current draw on compressor
  • Blow-out condensate drain line on A-coil
  • Change filter, clean if needed
  • Test current draw on inducer motor
  • Provide equipment report to customer
  • Inform customer of any urgent repairs
  • inform customer with any suggestions

Highly skilled HVAC Professionals

Heating checkup

  • Visual observation of furnace or boiler
  • Visual check heat exchanger
  • Check gas pressure ensure gas valve safety
  • Ohm igniter, iff applicable
  • Check thermocouple, if applicable
  • Remove burners & clean when necessary
  • Record CO2 levels to ensure safety & operation
  • Read flame sensor signal
  • Digital temp read temp rise across blower
  • Check ventilation staic on air distribution
  • Blower wheel inspection & oil if applicable
  • Change air filter, clean if needed
  • Tech to observe wear on blower/motor
  • Complete combustion analysis
  • Record combustion test results
  • Test current draw on inducer motor
  • Provide equipment report to customer
  • Inform customer of any urgent repairs or suggestions

Geothermal, Radiant Equipment & Boilers

This maintnenace program is not limited to only furnace and air conditioners. Wilson HVAC Company is a full service hvac company. We service all makes whether boilers, pumps, geothermal equipment, gas heaters, air source heats, radiant in floor heating equipment, etc...

To learn more or schedule us to visit your home or perform an Energy Audit, give us a call at 763-261-5196