House Check Up

House Check Up

Tired of Overpaying the Utility Company?

Are Some Rooms. . .

Hard to Heat?

Hard to Cool?

Suffering from Allergies?

Our House Checkup Can Help You Solve These Problems

Infiltrometer Blower Door Test Instrument

What Will The House Checkup Tell me?

  • If your house provides enough air ventilation.
  • How to make your house more comfortable, and Lower your utility bills.
  • How to reduce respiratory allergy suffering.
  • How to keep outdoor dust and pollen out of your home.

Is The Checkup Legitimate?


  • Developed by DOE researchers
  • Featured on CBS, ABC, NBC & CNN news, PBS's "This Old House", National Geographic Magazine
  • The Infiltrometer instrument is owned and used by NASA the Jet Propulsion Laboeratory, the US Enviromental Protection Agency, the United NAtions, utility companies, universities and scientists around the world
  • Tests have been performed on industrial Facilities owned by GM,MCI, United Airlines, Walt Disney World and many others, and on hundreds of thousands of homes.

Our computerized test instrument is also used in the space program by NASA and JPL

What Does The House Checkup Involve?

The checkup only takes about an hour.

The computerized Infiltrometer will evaulate the fresh air exchange and thermal efficiency of your entire home. Our technician will then take the time to show you any problems found, and if requested will provide estimates for any recommended repairs.

The checkup can be done at your convenience.


Do you have rooms that are hard to heat or cool?

Yes No

Does dust quickly reappear on your furniture after cleanings?

Yes No

Does any family members suffer from allergies or asthma?

Yes No

Does the air in your home seem stale stuffy?

Yes No

Would you like to save on your monthly utility bills?

Yes No

If you anwsered yes to any of these questions, we recommend a House Checkup.

Some Homeowner Reactions To The House Checkup. . .

"Very Professional and informative."

"Your technician explained problems no one else had ever been able to figure out. . . Remarkably helpful."

"We can't believe how very interesting the whole process was."

"It answered questions we had about our family's indoor air quality."

"I would definitely recommend it to friends and neighbors."

What Is The Cost?

Ask your service technician or call our office for a quotation to test your home.

House too Dusty?

Have A House Check-up and You Will Learn:

  • How to make all areas of your home comfortable
  • How to reduce dust and allergy suffering
  • How to save on your utility bills

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