New Construction Pole barn below

Photo shows HePex tubing stapled down onto polystyrene sheets of insulation using plastic staples.

Looking into the heating design, the cost, or looking to implement additional heat into an addition onto a house or barn? Wilson HVAC can help you through the many stages of your heating project.

HVAC Systems Designs

Some boilers draw their fresh air to burn meaning the venting is designed to pull in fresh air from outside. Other boilers have independent pipe to the outside and draw in the fresh air and are sealed combustion design. The wall mounted boiler shown below in sidewall vented and in the picture is located right above the boiler (white box shape in photo).

Pumps & Circulators =a unique heat distribution device system

Above you can see their are an array of circulators pumps amongst the copper water piping. These are electric motors and a pump assembly takes the water that is heated in the boiler and helps to distribute through a unique piping strategy.

There has been a shift toward circulator pumps in recent years. Advantages are:

A) smaller, more compact

B) Quieter running

C) Maintenance free

D) Draw lesspower (cost less to operate)

E) Cheaper to buy

Our experience in the boiler design and boiler service & repair will assist you in your new or existing project. As an independent HVAC contractor we outline the strengths and weaknesses of your heating design and concept.