Residential Service Contract

EPSC Preventive Maintenance
Residential Service Contract - Heating and Cooling System only
What does an EPSC service contract cover?
Technician will check for proper operation and safety of your heating and cooling system
A/C power line & low voltage check
Observe contactor for wear
Add up to 1 lb freon into air conditioner if needed 763-261-5196
Clean outdoor condensor with CO2 or water when needed Bitmap
Repair exterior suction line insulation
Read current draw on condensor fan and compressor
Blow-out condensate drain line on A-coil
Change or clean filter
Technician will inform you of any needed repairs
Any necessary parts needed are not included
EPSC Service Contract customers take precedence over service & repairs of non-EPSC customers
EPSC Service Contracts help prolong the life of your heating and cooling system
Technicians check gas pressure and adjust when needed Ohm ignitor if applicable, observe thermocouple if applicable Visual check heat exchanger, record flame sensor signal Remove burners and clean when necessary Record digital temp rise across blower, blower wheel inspection Record ventilation static on air distribution Record current draw on inducer motor, observe wear on motor All furnace and air conditioning manufacturers urge annual maintenance of equipment to Safety Inspection ensure peak performance As part of the annual EPSC Service Contract Technicians performs a complete combustion check Technicians record carbon monoxide levels This EPSC Service Contract program is not limited to only furnaces and air conditioners. Wilson HVAC Company is a full service HVAC company and can provide highly skilled HVAC technicians to maintain boilers, pumps, geothermal equipment, gas heaters, air source heat pumps, etc… Additional charges apply to include these services.